Date: July 30, 2023
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: ModernWell in Minneapolis

Join us for an event honoring our first crushes and celebrating the release of Worldwide Crush, a story for teens and tweens (and nostalgic queens) about the heartbreak and hilarity of a very one-sided love affair. Help us celebrate the author, Kristin Nilsen, in conversation with her co-hosts from the Pop Culture Preservation Society, the podcast for people born in the Big Wheel Generation who got their most reliable news from Tiger Beat Magazine. The night includes a conversation celebrating our first crushes, throwback music from DJ Jan, Teen Crush Trivia, Name That Tune (first-crush-style), crushworthy book recommendations, a celebrity crush battle (whose crush reigns supreme? Gen Xers? Boomers? Or Millennials?), and a BOOK FAIR FOR GROWN UPS! Remember getting two dollars from your mom for books, stickers, posters and Dynamite magazines? The PCPS is partnering with Comma, a Bookshop to bring you that same nostalgic experience, scaled up for grown-ass boys and girls. Yes, there will be stickers, pens, notebooks, cheeky artwork, jewelry featuring your favorite albums, and lots of tributes to Tiger Beat, our first crush bible. Save your birthday money!

And also – there will be snacks and a Ding Dong Bar. Just sayin’.