Invite me over!

Hello teachers, librarians and book lovers!

I have always had a lot to say. And since you clicked on that button, you must have people who want to hear me say stuff. I’m happy to visit you in person or virtually and talk about a variety of book-ish things. Sometimes those visits can be free-ish and sometimes they cannot, depending on how much work our visit will require. But let’s chat and figure it out!

My sweet spot is grades 4-7. And I can talk about things like this:

  • Worldwide Crush (book club style)
  • Journaling
  • Letter-writing
  • Crushes
  • How I became a writer
  • The publishing process
  • My favorite books
  • The best books you’ve never heard of

Or I’d be happy to simply answer questions for eager readers.

A note about book sales:

As an author, it’s important for me to sell my books so that publishers see my work as desirable and possibly profitable; then hopefully they’ll be like, “Hey, Kristin’s book sold a healthy number of copies. Let’s ask her to write another one.” And that’s how I keep my job as a writer! So I would be ever so grateful if my visit included the opportunity for students to purchase copies of my book. I can provide book order forms and help arrange a source if that’s helpful.

Thank you! Let’s do this!