Book Club Questions

for Worldwide Crush

Do you have a book club? In school or at the library or with your friends? Lucky you because I’ve made a list of questions you can ask each other. If you don’t have a book club, why don’t you start one? All you need is one other person. Seriously! That’s all it takes.

And if you have any questions you’d like to ask ME about the book, poke on the little button that says “contact me!” I’d love to hear from you!

*Special note to moms and aunties and grown-up friends and even dads – aka all the people who mother young humans: I think Worldwide Crush would be fun for you to discuss, too (who was YOUR first crush?). And I bet your questions for me would be a lot different from the Gen Alpha questions. I’m here for you, too! Write me a note. Bonus points if it’s on paper and decorated with stickers.

Here you go – have fun!

  1. Is this a story about Rory Calhoun or Millie?
  2. Do you have a crush story? Was it like Millie’s?
  3. Do you think your mom had a crush? Or your grandma? How about your dad?
  4. What celebs are people crushing on today?
  5. Is it possible to be in love with someone you’ve never met before?
  6. Why do people fall in love with celebrities?
  7. Why are first crushes so often celebrities and not real people?
  8. Is Millie’s crush good for her or bad for her?
  9. Millie writes in her diary and puts posters on her wall; how do people in your school or friend group express their crushes?
  10. How does Millie use her diary to express her crush? Did you like it? How did her diary entries make you feel?
  11. What do you think Rory Calhoun is like in real life? Do you think Millie’s perception of him was accurate?
  12. In the past, people’s crushes were mostly from TV and the radio; where do people find their crushes today?
  13. Do you think crush culture has changed? If so, how? Is that good or bad?
  14. What do you think of Millie’s plan to get to Rory’s hometown in California? Was it brilliant or did she go too far?
  15. Do you like Millie’s parents?
  16. Would you like Cheryl as a grandma?
  17. Who is your favorite character? Millie, Rory, Shauna, Cheryl, Carrie, Karl, or Billy?
  18. How do you feel about Shauna as a best friend?
  19. Did you find all the crushes hidden in the book? Go here to see how you did.
  20. What do you think will happen with Scott Fenwick?